Clinging to Gods that Divide Us

Victims of repeated rape and abuse often begin to identify with their attackers. Battered women often won’t testify against the men that abuse them. In both instances the victims will often protect the very people that are the cause of all their pain. When someone says they love you it’s a powerful thing. Many of us don’t hear those words enough, a few of us not at all. Tell the preacher that nobody loves you and you know what the reply will always be. Jesus loves you.

For someone who feels like nobody loves them these three words can seem like salvation. However for most people jesus would have to exist in order to love anyone. So even when you present a clear and logical case supporting an atheistic world view, the thought of losing the only person that loves you, proves to be more compelling than logic or reason. A delusion replaces reality.

But what about those of us with an abundance of love in our lives? Why would someone in these circumstances surrender their sanity in order to gain the love of the saviour? I think this stems from our perception of what love really is. Religious indoctrination of children installs the idea that god’s love is love’s most pure and perfect form. If this perfect love doesn’t really exist, does that mean that the love you feel for others and that others feel for you is a fallacy as well? Of course not, but these are the sort of concepts that religious leaders use to raise the stakes. The underlying concept being “god is love” therefore no god equals no love.

Whatever your circumstances the holy book has got a hook to snare you. Starting with these basic concepts and moving on to religious services. You sit in a room with many other people, you sing songs, people smile at you, nobody feels alone. You feel good, maybe even feeling quite euphoric. Then you’re told this feeling is god’s presence, the holy spirit or some other such nonsense. If your concept of love itself would be shaken in a godless universe, it’s not really a stretch that you would be willing to believe that these positive feelings are a result of god’s love. After all you have been conditioned from an early age to believe this lie. “Yes Jesus loves me, the bible tells me so”. Who is going to deny love? I mean god’s love is free right? And he’s not around to do anything objectionable to make you refuse his love. God loved us so much he sent us his only begotten son, to die on the cross. So what if god, jesus and the holy spirit are one and the same entity. Who cares if jesus did not actually die. The bible says he rose from the dead like some sort of zombie. It’s ridiculous! Religious organizations have been able to get people to believe these ridiculous things for centuries. Up until recently It has been the perfect crime! It’s a heist designed to steal your mind!

Enter science and technology. The scientific method, and the system of pier review produces information that is as close to the truth as is possible. No god, triune or otherwise could hold up to this scrutiny. Not only that, the very mindset behind scientific endeavor trains the mind to be resistant to religious dogma.

Religion strikes back! By camping out on what appears to be the moral high ground, the leaders of the faithful can undermine science. Never forget that the only reason they can occupy this moral high ground is that we in society allow it. After all, does it make sense that an organization directly responsible for killing thousands of africans on a daily basis (ie the vatican), is allowed to take the moral high ground over those of us who want to use science to unite the world?

Religion has been around for a very long time and hasn’t produced anything close to an ideal world, so maybe it’s time to stop clinging to gods that keep us from understanding each other and the world that we live in.

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