Inevitable Stupidity?

We are all the lucky recipient of a brief spark of consciousness. That is what is truly sacred in this life. We’ve created all manner of other things that we claim to be sacred, or that we want to be sacred, or that we feel should be sacred. The truth is, once you peel back all the layers, everything comes from consciousness. And yet we waste it. We’ve managed to create a society based, predicated on and wholly concerned with bullshit. It’s as though we’ve all agreed to shut off our minds and let other people control everything. You look at these politicians and you hope against hope that they’ll do the right thing for everyone, but then when they don’t, how happy are you when they lose that election, or get destroyed in the press, or go to jail? It’s as if, somehow you knew they were a crook all along, but because they had gotten themselves into a position of power, you for some reason had to cut them some slack. Then when some outside force tells you this person was a crook all along, how much satisfaction do you get, even just saying to yourself “I knew it, I knew that politician was going to sell us all down the river”? Didn’t you know, don’t we all know that the system of society is what made them a crook in the first place?
Why doesn’t it all collapse? I’ll tell you why, it’s because deep down, we all know that if we were given the same power we might do the same thing. It’s because, those of us that have even the slightest inkling of how the world works knows, that by the time you are in a position of power your hands are so dirty that the unthinkable can become the ordinary. There is nothing I have seen that would lead me to believe that this is ever going to change. We are aware that it’s all wrong, but at the same time we’re convinced that this is how it has to be. It’s as if, even though we don’t know what the alternative could be, we’ve all decided that it would be even worse. It is in this way that we betray the consciousness that we all share. Nearly everything we create is designed to lie to one another, to add value to the valueless, to distract us from something that’s true. We created gods so that we could all remain children forever striving for the approval of that which does not exist. We know it to be true and yet we fight this realization with hammer and tongs afraid to let go of the very ideology that betrays the truth of our lives.
I am so very tired of it. So tired that I sometimes wonder if the greatest gift that fate could give would be to go to sleep completely and blissfully unaware that there will be no waking up. No worrying about family and friends being left behind. No concern for material belongings and what will become of them. Could it be, that the only true moment of truth is that moment when consciousness snuffs itself out? That moment when we are, and then we’re not anymore.
In the meantime we stare at the screen and we see the society we’ve built. A world where people are killed for telling the truth. Hacked to pieces with machete, body parts collected by policemen an piled up in the street for later identification. A world where nearly everything has been defiled and turned into some sort of scam. How are we to reverse this situation, when our educational system, the very institution that is supposed to disseminate knowledge to the people, holds people hostage by forcing them to mortgage their future in hopes of prosperity? You can’t get a good job without education and yet the education you are paying for in most cases is nearly worthless. The information you get is dated, the teachers fight for a curriculum that is more focused on being easy to teach rather than being informative. Training that should take three years takes up to eight. They come up with myriad excuses why these programs have to run so long, but the truth is, they want the tuition money.
We made up the concept of money, it wasn’t a real thing, and it still isn’t, but we’ll fight to the death over it won’t we? We humans are good at that, inventing things out of whole cloth, calling them sacred and then killing in the name of them. Do we have any idea just how incredibly fucking dumb we are? We’ve got creationists who don’t believe in evolution, largely because they can’t deal with the FACT that we evolved from lower primates, because it’s too great a blow to their self esteem somehow. Lets face it, most of them think that evolution means that at some point a monkey gave birth to a human. How stupid is that? They created a movement, to make a name for themselves proudly identifying as young earth creationists and they spend all their time denying science and saying that dinosaurs are either fake or kids rode them to school at some point and yet for some reason we have to take these people seriously? Equal time given to the outrageously absurd is surely time wasted isn’t it?
But then look at who we are as a species and you have to wonder if the point of our entire civilization is to waste time. It’s like a worldwide parliament with the forces of religion in an endless filibuster railing away to try and delay the inevitable truth from finally being revealed. The argument can never be made that things are better with god, only that they will be worse without it. So that leads me to the question, how bad do things have to be before we are prepared to roll those dice? Will it be too late? Will we allow ourselves to be destroyed by our own stupidity? Has our fate already been sealed and we’ve been too distracted to notice?
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