Religions Fear Atheism in Pop Culture

When Richard Dawkins was writing material primarily for use by academics, there was little mention of him from the ranks of the religious. As soon as he began to write material designed to be understood and digested by regular people he began to catch holy heck from the clergy. This is because he hit upon something they fear. Currently the biggest obstacle in the way of religion is the entertainment industry.

Why go to church when the footy match is on, soccer is more fun than jesus! TV is a much more entertaining way to spend an evening than speaking in tongues any day! In fact I’d be willing to bet that in the US many preacher consider entertainment in the form of video games, movies, television and the internet to be one of the greatest obstacles they have in terms of growing and maintaining their flock. Now imagine that this entertainment is not just a distraction from religion. Imagine if you will that this entertainment is downright anti-religious. Could that possibly be the greatest threat ever faced by religions everywhere?
This is why youtube is so important. Video content created by people like Thunderfoot, The Thinking Atheist, Aaron Ra and others are the very prototypes of the anti-religious media that is to come. This is where I finally fit in. As a musician and composer I can use my skills to help create more compelling anti-theist media. This is something I have wanted to do for years now and I hope I get the chance! There is a very good reason this excites me.
Currently in any debate about religion, the religious always win by creating a stalemate. This is because there are more religious folks than Atheists/Deists/Agnostics. Therefore a stalemate is perceived by more people as a victory for the religious. However there will soon come a day when there are just as many, if not more non-believers and on that day religion will hit the slippery slope. You see Atheists can hold their own even when the audience at large is made up of believers because we have science, logic and reason on our side. What ever will the ranks of religiosity call upon when they can no longer say that most people believe in god? My best guess is increasing amounts of illogical, unprovable nonsense that will only dig them in deeper and deeper with every feckless word!

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