Inevitable Stupidity?

We are all the lucky recipient of a brief spark of consciousness. That is what is truly sacred in this life. We’ve created all manner of other things that we claim to be sacred, or that we want to be sacred, or that we feel should be sacred. The truth is, once you peel back all the layers, everything comes from consciousness. And yet we waste it. We’ve managed to create a society based, predicated on and wholly concerned with bullshit. It’s as though we’ve all agreed to shut off our minds and let other people control everything. You look at these politicians and you hope against hope that they’ll do the right thing for everyone, but then when they don’t, how happy are you when they lose that election, or get destroyed in the press, or go to jail? It’s as if, somehow you knew they were a crook all along, but because they had gotten themselves into a position of power, you for some reason had to cut them some slack. Then when some outside force tells you this person was a crook all along, how much satisfaction do you get, even just saying to yourself “I knew it, I knew that politician was going to sell us all down the river”? Didn’t you know, don’t we all know that the system of society is what made them a crook in the first place? Read More...

What Does Your Appendix Have in Common With Religion?

A Vestigial organ is a part of the body that used to serve a purpose but it’s no longer used or needed. So we have vestigial organs but we also have vestigial ideology. That’s what religion is. Read More...

Apologists Debate Tricks: Mining the Process

Science is an emergent endeavour. The result of one experiment raises questions that prompt the scientist to devise a new experiment or at the very least explain the results. This process is often one that takes several years. There are often moments in the process where the experimenter is stumped. The eureka moment has not yet come. The experimenter may temporarily admit defeat, or even worse declare something as unknowable. The records of these moments are what guys like William Lane Craig and Frank Turek are looking for. Read More...

Atheism Did Not Cause The Holocaust

In nearly every religion versus atheism or god versus no god discussion or debate I see on You Tube or elsewhere, the forces of religiosity invariably trot out Hitler and Stalin. The claim is that they were atheists who were trying to rid the world of religion by killing the faithful. By all accounts one could make a case that Stalin was on some level an atheist, but Hitler, was not. However even if he was in fact an atheist he would have had to round up all the Jews pretty much by himself because 99% of the population of Germany were Roman Catholics at the time! So the idea that Atheism played a major role in the Holocaust just doesn’t hold any water whatsoever. Religion however did play a role.
At the heart of all types of religion lies the idea that it is a virtue to believe without any sort of proof. When this idea is at the foundation of the belief system of any group, this group becomes easy to sway into actions that are immoral, hateful and in this case genocidal in nature. This underlying misguiding idea of faith as a virtue is reason enough in my opinion to rid oneself of any kind of religious belief.


Religions Fear Atheism in Pop Culture

When Richard Dawkins was writing material primarily for use by academics, there was little mention of him from the ranks of the religious. As soon as he began to write material designed to be understood and digested by regular people he began to catch holy heck from the clergy. This is because he hit upon something they fear. Currently the biggest obstacle in the way of religion is the entertainment industry.