Faith Redeemed?

With all this “Big Brother” stuff going on these days, government ID that transmits your personal information, implantable identification chips injected into your arm etc., I wonder what this world is coming to. I mean I’ll bite your legs off before I let you stick a transmitter under my skin. As a musician I know all too well that if it’s digital it can be easily copied, hacked and used to make life unbearable! What freaks me out is that many religious folks agree with me!

It seems that for the faithful having such an implant is equivalent to taking on the mark of the beast! This is nonsense of course but it is one of the few examples I have found of delusional belief actually doing some good in the world! I don’t think this redeems the idea of religious belief, but I needed a snappy title to get you here so, there you go!

This does however make me wonder how this accidental sanity can be useful in the future. I think what I need is a program where, you type in what it is you want to do, and it finds the scripture that supports you, no matter how incredibly stupid the idea! That would be amazing I think. You could type in “behead the mailman” and It would give you chapter and verse, from any and all religious texts.

I mean that’s probably what Fox News does!