John Lennon's Imagine - Hijacked

Imagine a man wrote a song, a very powerful song whose central theme is “There is no agenda more important peace and living together without war”. What you don’t have to imagine is a ton of religious folks injecting their agenda into the song! Did they listen to the song? Did they think about what Lennon was trying to say? What is more likely is that they thought that free speech means that you can take the power of someone else’s art and use it to foist their own ideas, that they really never thought about onto other people!

Now, I’m all for free speech, you should be able to say what you want to say. However if you take Lennon’s song and use it to say something he didn’t intend for the song to say are you not kinda sorta,… STOMPING ALL OVER HIS RIGHT TO SAY WHAT HE WANTED TO SAY?????? I think you might be. Wait let me think about it for a second or two,…..

Yeah I’m pretty sure if you hijack someone else’s song and use it to broadcast ideas other than those intended by the author and then claim that free speech gives you the right to do it,.. you are a hypocrite.

So basically write your own song and say what you want to say and I’ll be the first person to defend your right to say it, even if I disagree.