Atheism Did Not Cause The Holocaust

In nearly every religion versus atheism or god versus no god discussion or debate I see on You Tube or elsewhere, the forces of religiosity invariably trot out Hitler and Stalin. The claim is that they were atheists who were trying to rid the world of religion by killing the faithful. By all accounts one could make a case that Stalin was on some level an atheist, but Hitler, was not. However even if he was in fact an atheist he would have had to round up all the Jews pretty much by himself because 99% of the population of Germany were Roman Catholics at the time! So the idea that Atheism played a major role in the Holocaust just doesn’t hold any water whatsoever. Religion however did play a role.
At the heart of all types of religion lies the idea that it is a virtue to believe without any sort of proof. When this idea is at the foundation of the belief system of any group, this group becomes easy to sway into actions that are immoral, hateful and in this case genocidal in nature. This underlying misguiding idea of faith as a virtue is reason enough in my opinion to rid oneself of any kind of religious belief.