Fuck The Pope (My Response)


Here’s my response/agreement with Mr. Deity/Brian Dalton’s response to the Pope’s speech accusing the victims of the Charlie Hebdo attack of having provoked the attack and therefore deserving to be killed.


Mr. Deity's Response to Pope Francis

This isn’t much of a post but I just had to share this video with people. This is exactly the kind of thing I will be discussing on the next episode of the podcast. Each pope adds their own seasoning to the mix but the underlying flavour has been the same for 2000 years! Anyhow here he is Mr Deity Himself Brian Dalton.


Battered Believer Syndrome

Battered wives believe that their husbands love them. Battered wives believe that they deserve the beatings they get. It’s not true, nobody deserves to be physically and psychologically abused. Unfortunately these women still believe it. They also believe that one day things will get better, they just have to stay the course. This time he’ll treat her with respect, this time will be different. It’s an illogical cycle that leads to a loss of self worth that can completely destroy a personality.